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[Review] Gen Java Colloidal Silver Soap

for oily skin and acne problem like me i prefer to use soap bars than gels. because it's work on my skin. like the one i'm going to review. 

 Gen Java Colloidal Silver Soap

Main Ingredients 
            Vegetable Soap Chic
            Natural Lyposome
            Natural jojoba oil
            Electrical Colloidal Silver
            Hyaluronic Acid
Weights : 85g
Manufactur : GEN -Technology Co., Ltd./ D & PS Co. Ltd. / Korea

Colloidal Silver soap can kill 650 micro-germs WOW. so absolutely this soap became my favorite and TOP list.

so sorry i can't understand whats the meaning of hangul TT~

Characteristic of Gen JAVA
1. neutral ( very weak alkaline) 
2. doesn't dry the skin because from natural lyposome.( i think this soap make my skin dry but since i have oily skin it's ok for me. don't worry if you have dry skin after use this soap just put your moizturizer to your skin)
3. this doesn't irritate the skin ( yes, i agree. this soap dont break me out)
4. can sterillize the dermatophyte on the skin because it's made from colloidal silver as the disinfectant ( colloidal silver is natural antibiotics from 1938 , great for bacteria and viruses etc. can be used externally or internally with little chance of side effects or overdose )

Test Result 

i usually cut into 4 pieces because i want to maintain sterility and just used 1/4 part for facial. and the other part stored in the refrigerator.  

 see how the soap became so transparant. you can se my finger ( shadow) behind the soap.

Directions :
1. Please massage your face very soft and leave for 1 minute don't rub your face.
2. After wash your face put this on dry place.
3. Don't storage in a wet and hot place.


Like :
- everything about this product i love. 

Dislike :
- nothing

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